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Surfing 101: Simple Tips That Will Make You A Better Surfer

7 March 2019

We asked a few of our top up-and-coming surfers to share some of the fundamentals of surfing – from how to wax your surfboard to wear your leg rope, and more.

Learning to surf ain’t easy! Between finding the right equipment, figuring out how to use it, and then actually paddling out to the lineup, there’s plenty to learn – and plenty to go wrong!

We know you might be in the deep end right now, asking yourself “What leg do I put my leg rope on?” or “How do I wax a surfboard? What does it even do?!”, and we want to make it a bit easier for you.

To help explain a bit about the basics we asked up-and-coming surfers Ellie Harrison and Xavier Huxtable to talk you through, step-by-step, their most important tips for learning to surf.

Welcome to Surfing 101… class is now in session! Check back each week for a new lesson with young professional surfers Ellie and Xavier.

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