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The Shaper Series: Meet Shyama Buttonshaw

1 February 2019

Local shaper Shyama Buttonshaw has become something of a legend at Bells Beach, and just recently, he’s become a part of the most iconic surf shop in town – Rip Curl Torquay.

Surf shops aren’t about mass production. They’re not about churning through numbers. They are the bricks and mortar that keeps our sport unique. Surf shops should be a vibrant part of the community they thrive within, and be a reflection of the surfers within it.

At Rip Curl we believe this should not only be shown throughout the product on offer, carefully selected to cater to the local climate and environment, but also through what’s available in the board room.

We want you, whether you’re a local or travelling surfer, to walk in to our surf shops and see a reflection of the local community – and so we introduce The Shaper Series.

Born and raised at Bells Beach, Shyama Buttonshaw has become embedded in the surfing culture here in Torquay, Victoria. Recently landing himself the #34 slot in Surfing World’s 50 Most Intriguing People in Surfing Today hit list, he’s spent the majority of the last few years perfecting his shaping skills and truly finding his own form of art in surfboards.

His style can be summed up simply – he takes historic shapes and makes them modern. And as of today his favourite board, the Two Plus One, can be found in the board room at Rip Curl Torquay. Designed specifically for surfing Bells, the Two Plus One is a high performance take on a classic single fin, and it’s fun as hell.

The Shaper Series is about bringing the local surfing community into our surf shops around the world, and providing customers a chance to find a locally sourced board that is shaped specifically for the local break.

The Shaper Series, featuring Shyama Buttonshaw, his Two Plus One shaped specifically for the long right-hand walls of Bells Beach, Australia. In store now.

Rip Curl Torquay
101 Surf Coast Hwy,
Torquay VIC 3228

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