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Do Rad Stuff in My Bikini this Summer

9 November 2018

It’s no secret that when the waves are pumping and sun is shining you’ll find us outside, in our bikini’s. Every. Single. Time.

Summer in #MyBikini... is all about beach days, biking to our favourite coffee spot, jumping on a friends boat, adventuring to waterfalls and all day shred fests. We’re forever doing rad stuff!

So, do you love Summer as much as us? And, would you love to WIN a years supply of bikinis? Well, be ready to Do Rad Stuff in your bikini!

Post a photo or video on Instagram showing us the RAD stuff you get up to in your bikini and make sure you tag

and hashtag #MyBikini... Now you’re in the running to win!

Winners will be chosen based on creativity and “RAD” factor. We have 3 major prizes to giveaway, so, it’s time to get posting!

View full Terms & Conditions here

Need help getting started? Here are some ideas to make this the best Summer yet!

  • Surfing (of course!)
  • Trekking to a secret beach
  • Swimming (laps or a blue lagoon)
  • Finding that infamous coconut tree you’ve seen on the gram
  • Windsurfing (do people still do that..?)
  • Poolside workouts
  • Coffee with friends (because if you’re at a coffee shop in your ‘kini’s only – that’s pretty rad)
  • Festival life
  • Beach cricket
  • Kicking the footy
  • Singing and dancing ‘till your hearts content.
  • Just all round epic times in #MyBikini

This list of rad stuff to do in your bikini’s could go on, and on…

Entries we love may be featured in our @ripcurl_aus and @ripcurl_women feeds and stories, so give us a follow and make sure you tag us (so that we can find your posts, of course) Go Do Rad Stuff in #MyBikini… and show us! You’ve got three weeks, competition closes 3rd December 2018.

Here's some of our Rip Curl Women Doing Rad Stuff!

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